Mind Roots is a software design and development company which provides globally focused IT solutions. With our development center based near Chandigarh, India – we provide a host of IT services from Website Design & Development to Mobile Application Development.

Our aim at Mind Roots is to understand the client’s requirements, conceptualize the best possible solution and implement it effectively. Mind Roots has a perfectly balanced pool of young and enthusiastic IT professionals with skills, experience and business acumen who keep track of future trends and develop new business solutions. Our ability is to go beyond developing programs and actually come out with products which are easy to use and scale. We are great at defining product features and designing user interfaces. We are also highly capable of producing great technical documentation to help internal or external customers.

Being a value based enterprise web solutions and consulting company, Mind Roots strongly believes in promoting best practices, innovation and corporate social responsibility.


Our mission is to SIMPLIFY SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT. We work deeply with our clients to convert their business needs into efficient products.


Our vision is to become an IT giant and work to provide end-to-end solutions across various verticals that help businesses to improve productivity and work smartly.

Life Style

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At Mind Roots, we have a Professional Team who is dedicated towards their work. The Team consists of vastly experienced Developers, Designers and Project Managers who consistently strive and innovate to deliver their best.

Client Satisfaction is one of the most important beliefs for the Mind Roots Team. Our Quality Engineers closely observe all the projects that are delivered to the clients and see to it that they are of the highest quality with zero bugs.

You name the time and we are there. The support and business team at Mind Roots is ready to conduct a meeting any time as per the client’s requirements. Any issues are sorted out within the provided time span and proper project management and bug tracking tools are used so nothing goes out of site.

Our Skills

Graphic and Web Design
iOS Development
Android Development