Linkedin – Microsoft buyout

Microsoft has made the biggest acquisition in the company’s history ever, said Monday it had reached a deal to buy LinkedIn for $196 per LinkedIn share in the all-cash transaction valued at $26.2 billion.

LinkedIn a professional business-oriented social networking service which was launched in the year 2003. Since 2003, it is mainly used for Professional networking that has connected around 433 million users, among which more than 106 million are active.

It was the largest acquisition in the history of the company. The deal is due to the driving factor “ The Microsoft has evolved stay`s leadership is a more reinvigorate, innovative, open and purpose-driven company” wrote by Weiner in an email to LinkedIn employees. When the first I thought to make this work possible, but it was the thought of Satya Nadella on how we`d do it that got me truly excited about the project.

Weiner also shared some ideas for how Microsoft will facelift LinkedIn`s services and also Integrate it into Microsoft`s product which are outlook, calendar, Office and Other Microsoft app. While, Mr Nadella hopes that the contact will open various new horizons for Microsoft as well as LinkedIn, While both of them have saturated markets and generally support the position and revenue of Microsoft.

On an Interview with Mr Nadella, Connecting office to LinkedIn directly will help in attending meetings learn more about one another directly from invitations in their calendar. Also for managing customer relationships, sales representatives use Microsoft’s dynamic software and now from LinkedIn data, they could pick useful tidbits of background on potential customers. Microsoft also finds opportunities in that was bought by LinkedIn for $1.5 billion last year. Microsoft would offer Excel spreadsheets inside Lynda`s video software.

However, the company will remain a fully independent entity within Microsoft said, Weiner